Brussels Trip Testimonial – Hei Pong

Study Trip ~ it is all about STUDYING!

Yep, I have to admit that I barely knew anything about EU before the trip (and the fact is I haven’t known too much after as well, but still better than none). The most notable part of the trip was the seminars held in Day 1. The one that I’ve attended was “European and International Studies”. It presented a macro view of the relationship of EU and the world, especially other influential economies like US and PRC. There were many remarkable questions have been raised by attendees all around the World.

As a study trip, it undoubtedly reached the purposes. During the fruitful and big fun 4D3N, we have:

1. tried every single public transport – bus, train, taxi and metro in Brussels (definitely an extraordinary experience!);

2. realized it could be so easy to get lost (than you can ever imagine) as there are numbers of EU institutions in Brussels (serves as capital of EU, it hosts the official seats of the European Council, Council of the European Union and European Commission, and a second seat of the European Parliament);

3. found that EU studies could be fun and simple as the information centre provided nearly all the data and materials you could think of;

4. learned that in order to work for EU, all you need are (just) a Bachelor degree, two European languages and lots of practice on the aptitude and scenario test;

5. …cont’d (or you can join ELSA’s Brussels trip next year and check it out)

Last but not least, it might be tough, annoying or frustrating….to organize and participate in a trip which had some minor problems along the way, but we did it and the most important  thing is – we enjoyed it.

Hei Pong – Cynthia


Brussels Trip

Our trip to Brussels was a success. Some minor hitches there and there, but this trip showed us areas in which we need to improve. Enjoy the pictures and testimonials which will be posted soon.

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