Brussels and Paris Trip 2012 – Testimonial – Maksym Ivanchenko

‘Learn, learn and, once again, to learn!’ (V.I. Lenin)

A wide range of educational events was one of the main reasons for me to make decision on going to Brussels with ELSA. As it became apparent ELSA trip to Brussels was a good combination of educational events coupled with a nice cultural leisure. One of the major educational events that took place during the trip was EU studies fair, which took place on the 11th of February 2011. A wide range of universities all over across the European Union had a chance to be represented on the fair. As seemed to me incredible amount of visitors were attracted by leading universities from the UK, Switzerland and Belgium etc. Typical issue of the visitors was an opportunity to gain as much information as possible on the matter of Postgraduate study.

My personal opinion on the fair quality is rather positive as it was widely accessible and pretty much well organised. Furthermore, there was a chance to talk to one of the European Union Commissioners Androulla Vassilliou. As the mentioned official is a professional in educational sector rather specific and competent topics could be discussed with her.

And finally, being a part of ELSA is always fun, interesting and very useful for your successful career in law!

Maksym Ivanchenko

Maksym Ivanchenko and European Union Commissioner Androulla Vassilliou


Brussels & Paris Trip 2012

Heya ELSArians!

It’s time for the BRUSSELS AND PARIS TRIP!

The EU Studies Fair, hosted by the European Voice, will take place in Brussels on the 10-13/14th February.

The two day fair is a combination of academic talks, networking opportunities, tours, and a chance to learn more about further education/careers in Europe. It brings together students, universities, academic institutions, MEP’s and business professionals from around the world. The tours are of the European Parliament, European Commission and the United Nations/UNDP office.

We will be visiting the ELSA International house for cocktails one night, go sightseeing, have crazy nights out and spend cheeky a day or two in Paris!

This year’s seminars have not yet been confirmed, but last year they were focused on ‘Business and Law’ and ‘European and International Studies.’ 

We have found cheap flights/travel from Newcastle and accommodation in both cities- this is why we need to know who’s interested, to book our places asap!

The two days in Brussels and two days in Paris will roughly cost £200 excluding your spending money, we have yet to factor in how much we can subsidise the trip for as it is largely dependent on how many places we fill, but the price should only go DOWN 🙂
If you are interested in taking part in this AMAZING trip please e-mail by midday Friday 25th November.

For more information on the Brussels trip (Tabs on the right)
For more information on the EU Studies Fair

Lots of ELSA love,

Bianca Chávez-Novoa


ELSA Newcastle 2011/12

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