MUN 2011 – Testimonial – Thomas Raine

I decided to take part in the Model United Nations event as it was an opportunity to learn more about some interesting global issues. I chose to act as a delegate for Israel as I was particularly keen to get involved in the debate about Palestinian statehood. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is one of the most pressing global issues with huge implications for the Middle East region. Given its significance I wanted to improve my understanding of the conflict.

The process itself was very enjoyable. First, I had to research the issue of Palestinian statehood including the historical background, why the Palestinians were pressing for statehood and, in particular, what Israel’s view of it was. Then I wrote a speech in which I argued that Israel’s main concern was security. Before allowing a Palestinian state on its border Israel wanted assurances that the state would pose no threat to the people of Israel.

At the event I worked in a group with other states involved with the issue to try and gather support for my opposition to a Palestinian state. Only the USA offered this support. The other countries put forward a resolution calling for a Palestinian state. In the debate they (Lebanon, Egypt, India and Iran) spoke in favour of the resolution leaving myself and the delegate from America 10 minutes to speak against. Following the debate there was a vote. Although I lost the vote I enjoyed the debate and responding to questions from the floor. It was an excellent experience.

Thomas Raine


MUN 2011 – Testimonial – Grant Francis

The MUN was great. The issues discussed were thought provoking and allowed for great debate. The issues including Palestine and the war on drug cartels allowed delegates to get passionate about their views whilst representing their retrospective countries. Although not the most prepared speaker at the debate, the other delegates put me at ease. This was due to the MUN being organised, with a good balance of formalities and a friendly atmosphere. Overall I would definitely get involved with a MUN again, as well as other events organised by ELSA Newcastle.

Grant Francis

MUN – 2011

Hey everyone!

You are all invited to our first ELSA Newcastle event to be held on the 1st November, 6-8pm, Law Lecture Theatre.  We have organised a Model United Nation Simulation comprising of three committees:

1. Should Palestine be recognised as a country in the UN?
2. Has the legal war on drug cartels failed?
3. Was NATO intervention in Libya illegal given that it exceeded the UN resolution?

We will be hosting a workshop explaining how an MUN works, what it is, the rules, and some advice on your debating skills NEXT Thursday 27th October.

This activity will be a great CV booster, improve your all roundness as a prospective lawyer and also help advance people’s loquacious skills especially for those who are considering participating in mooting later this year.

ELSA Newcastle members can participate for free; non-members must pay a fee of £2. Refreshments will be provided and a social will take place in the evening 🙂

If you are interested in taking part in representing a country and debating these topics in the form of a MUN simulation please e-mail either myself at or so we can send you more information about the workshop, or for the more experienced among you- a copy of the rules that will govern this simulation.

Lots of ELSA love,
Bianca Chávez-Novoa
ELSA Newcastle 2011/12
European Law Students’ Association